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Real Estate Contacts

Mitch Recoon

Email: mrecoon@advance-auto.com
Mobile: 716-573-3318

TBD - 1

Email: bfarrar@advance-auto.com

Lynn Aliment - 2

Email: lynn.aliment@advance-auto.com
Mobile: 619-457-7897

Tricia Ward - 3

Email: tricia.ward@advance-auto.com
Mobile: 510-589-9165

Jeff White - 4

Email: jeff.white@advance-auto.com
Mobile: 770-597-8470

Curtis Williams - 5

Email: curtis.williams@advance-auto.com
Mobile: 301-366-3071

Sunny PaTel - 6

Email: sunny.patel@advance-auto.com
Mobile: 717-802-1182


Lease Administration

Contact information for Advance Auto Parts

Please use the below information when contacting Advance Auto Parts for all matters regarding the leased location. Do not send any notices directly to the leased location. We will distribute all notices and communications to our local teams as needed.

Contact Name Responsibility Phone Email
Lease Administrators Tax, Insurance & CAM Reimbursements 888-233-3106 ticam@advance-auto.com
Jennifer Bush Changes of Address/Banking/Ownership Sales Reports 540-561-1852 rent@advance-auto.com
Courtney DeHart Rent 540-561-1852 rent@advance-auto.com
Stephanie Price Business Licenses/Permits BLT@advance-auto.com
Facilities Maintenance 866-625-0050* fixit@advance-auto.com
Melissa Alderman
Nick Robinson
Laurin Martin
Property Management 540-561-3457
Kayla Hepler Trash & Utilities kayla.hepler@advance-auto.com
Lauryn Jones Estoppels & SNDAs 540-561-1208 estoppelsnda@advance-auto.com
Frank Geurrandeno Insurance Certificates 540-561-3412 insurancecerts@advance-auto.com
Esther Foster Lease Renewals, Vacant Building Inquiries, Sale/Leaseback, and Purchase/Sale 540-561-1712 portfoliomgmtmb@advance-auto.com
1099 Tax Questions

The address for each of the above contacts is: (Reference store # in address)

Lease Administration
Advance Auto Parts (Store #_______)
5008 Airport Road
Roanoke, VA 24012

Please note that all requests for reimbursement need to be mailed or emailed to the appropriate individual above – not faxed.

*Monitored 24/7 in case of emergencies