Environmental Responsibility

At Advance Auto Parts, Service Is Our Best Part. That includes our service and responsibility to the environment, and every year we take more steps to reduce our carbon footprint. With one eye on the future, we're currently focused on best practices in recycling, transportation and energy.

Headquartered in Roanoke, Va., Advance Auto Parts, Inc. is the largest automotive aftermarket parts provider in North America and serves both the do-it-yourself and professional installer markets. Advance operates more than 5,200 stores and more than 100 Worldpac branches. The company also serves approximately 1,300 independently owned Carquest branded stores. Advance has more than 74,000 Team Members in 49 states, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Canada. 


We go beyond cans and bottles by recycling stretch wrap, pallets, antifreeze and used oil filters. In 2015, we recycled approximately:

  • 5.3 million gallons of used oil
  • 118,800 tons of lead acid batteries
  • 12,900 tons of cardboard


To further reduce our carbon footprint for our long-haul fleet, we use the services of UPS, who are leaders in logistical best practices. Our agreement with UPS includes the following requirements:

  • UPS only uses new, low-emission tractors with engines that are EPA compliant
  • All UPS tractors are Smartway Certified, which means they score low on both greenhouse gas and smog-forming emissions
  • Fuel is combined with diesel exhaust fluid to reduce emissions

For shipping with our own trailers, Advance has implemented the following measures:

  • Side skirts and undercarriage covers installed on all trailers to increase efficiency
  • Automatic tire inflation systems installed in all trailers to improve gas mileage
  • Lift gates are now powered with absorbed glass mat batteries, which charge during driving, and reduce idling and chance of battery acid spillage

For our store fleet, Advance now purchases 4-cylinder instead of V6 vehicles to improve fuel economy.
We have also improved loading and routing efficiency to save approximately 37,000 gallons of diesel fuel.


Over the last five years, energy usage has decreased by approximately 30% per store.  New sites are becoming more efficient year over year through many initiatives:

  • Use of high-efficiency HVAC units
  • An enterprise-wide lighting program that focuses on new construction design, retrofit applications and emerging technologies including the installation of LED lighting in over 100 stores resulting in an additional energy efficiencies
  • Installation of Energy Management Systems to control lighting, cooling and heating


In 2014, Advance partnered with SolarCity to install 1.17MW solar array on the roof of the Enfield, CT distribution Center.  Click here to read the project fact sheet.


The Future

We're also working to improve our Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) score. LEED certification, orchestrated by the U.S. Green Building Council, provides tangible proof of buildings built to be high-performing, efficient and safe for the environment and the community. Our store prototype is currently within four points of standard LEED, and we currently have two LEED-certified stores.