• 2000  In February, Garnett Smith retires to care for his wife, Patsy. Larry Castellani becomes CEO.

    The year ends with 1,728 stores in 37 states, primarily in the East and Midwest, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

  • 2001  In April, Advance Auto Parts acquires Carport Auto Parts, a regional retail chain with 29 stores in Alabama and Mississippi. The combination of Advance and Carport locations establishes Advance Auto Parts as the market leader in Alabama and Mississippi.

    On November 28, Advance acquires 671 Discount Auto Parts, Inc., a regional auto parts chain in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and Louisiana. The acquisition strengthens the company's position as the market leader in Florida. Upon completion of this merger, Advance Auto Parts becomes a publicly traded company, listed as a common stock on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol AAP.

    The year ends with 2,484 stores in 38 states.

  • 2002  In July, Advance Auto Parts receives bankruptcy court approval to acquire 57 Trak Auto Parts Stores in northern Virginia, Washington, DC, and eastern Maryland.

  • 2003  In February, Larry Castellani takes on the added responsibility of Chairman of the Board.

    In May, Advance announces the acquisition of eight Karparts Auto Stores, Inc., a move that solidifies the company's position as the market leader in northern and central New Jersey. On October 2, the company's 2,500th store opens in Parma, Ohio, showcasing the new 2010 format. In April, Advance makes its first appearance on the prestigious "Fortune 500" list.

  • 2005  In January, Forbes Magazine rates Advance Auto Parts as the "Best Managed Retail Company in America." On May 19, Larry Castellani transitions from Chief Executive Officer to Chairman of the Board. Under Larry's leadership, Advance grew from 1,630 stores to 2,678 stores.